Top 5 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Liverpool Right Now

A notable city in North West England, Liverpool is a densely populated metropolis which is hugely popular for its love for football. The culturally...

  • Top 5 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Liverpool Right Now
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    Top 5 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Liverpool Right Now

    • Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
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    A notable city in North West England, Liverpool is a densely populated metropolis which is hugely popular for its love for football. The culturally and historically rich area is a hot-favourite destination among tourists because of its association with the iconic music group, Beatles. From serene art galleries to Georgian architecture, the city surprises you at every step of the way. Embracing diverse cultures with fondness, Liverpool has combined its legacy with modernism which can be seen in its myriad pubs and cafes.

    Many parts of its city centre were listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2004. The urban redevelopment programme has now transformed the city centre into a more crowd pleasing and contemporary area. Besides the obsession with football and cultural heritage, the city boasts of being one of the largest economies in the United Kingdom. The Gross Value Added (GVA) of the city has continued to grow stronger over the years despite the recession affecting the national economy. The total GVA per capita of Liverpool in 2015 was £19,319 compared to the UK average of £25,351.

    Additionally, the Gross Domestic Product per capita reached $32,121 in 2014, and the total GDP was at $65.8 billion. The most dominant sectors of the region are public and private services sector and 60% of the city’s population is employed in education, health, public administration, banking, and finance. The architectural development of the city has made Liverpool a preferred choice among filmmakers after London. It has also shown considerable growth in the knowledge sector with the foundation of Liverpool Knowledge Quarter in domains like life sciences and media.

    The interest of travellers to this place contributes an estimated £1.3 billion a year to its economy through tourism. In addition, it continues to serve as an important port and manufacturing base. A plethora of shipping lines are headquartered here, and a new project for the redevelopment of the northern dock system is underway which will create 17,000 jobs. The city is in a fast-growth mode and offers the best business investment opportunities to entrepreneurs to take control of their finances. If you too plan to make the most of this thriving economy, then take a look at the hottest businesses for sale in Liverpool right now.

    1. Restaurant and Cocktail Bar For Sale

    Location: Liverpool, North West

    Category: Restaurant

    Asking Price: £149,950

    A whole lot of people dream of owning a restaurant some day. It is high up on the wish-list of entrepreneurs, chefs, foodies and food-related business owners. The idea of serving customers lavish spreads with friendly service in an elegant ambience makes investors seize these opportunities. Also, the restaurant and bar industry is thriving in Liverpool as people love to dine out and enjoy lip-smacking meals over their games of football.

    Consumers spent a whopping 88 billion pounds on restaurants and cafes in 2017 in the entire United Kingdom. Sports bar are always in high demand in the city of Liverpool. There are many rewards of acquiring these established places such as instant brand awareness, turnkey operations, existing set-up, established base of customers and suppliers. With so much on offer, it is impossible to let this opportunity go. If you want to grab this restaurant for sale in Liverpool, North west, then click on the link below.

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    2. Newsagency and Lotto Business For Sale

    Location: Liverpool, North West

    Category: Newsagency and Lotto

    Asking Price: £49,950

    While many argue that newsagencies have lost their lustre in the era of digitalisation, the diversification of this traditional business has kept it going. Entrepreneurs have understood the changing preferences of the target audience and have transformed these shops into multi-purpose stores with the introduction of convenience-based goods, gift items, and lottery products. These stores are the go-to place for local communities to pick up milk and bread and catch up on the local gossip.

    Thus they can never go out of business in close-knit communities. Buying this well-established newsagency gives you the advantage of acquiring a well-run business with all the systems in place. You don’t need any prior experience or training. Located in a residential area, it experiences heavy foot-traffic and has a beautifully created frontage and organised premises. With an affordable asking price, this deal is sure to bring back excellent rewards. Click on the link below to know more about this newsagency and lotto business for sale in Liverpool, North West

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    3. Educational Businesses For Sale

    Location: Liverpool, North West

    Category: Educational, Franchise

    Asking Price: £ P.O.A

    Education has been an important part of the highly literate society of Liverpool. There are many historic schools and colleges in the city which are noted for their commendable academic performances. It also has three universities and the renowned Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. With a substantial emphasis on higher education, educational businesses like consultancies have come to the forefront.

    This business has gained prominence due to the keen interest shown by international students in pursuing job-oriented courses in United Kingdom. There were as many as 442,375 international students studying higher education in the UK in 2016-17. England has the maximum number of non-UK students and the numbers are growing every year. This has made consultancies earn admirable margins. If you wish to grab this booming opportunity for education business for sale, then click on the link below.

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    4. Convenience Store For Sale

    Location: Liverpool, North West

    Category: Convenience Stores

    Asking Price: £29,950

    Convenience stores are the most significant pit stop for people who want to grab their daily essentials. They are in high demand in residential areas and shopping precincts as they sell fast-moving consumer goods which are needed by people daily, weekly or monthly. There are myriad benefits of owning an existing convenience store. You get a base of loyal customers without much effort and make good returns through purchasing the stock at wholesale rates.

    The business is not affected by the recession or economic downturns and requires no prior training. This convenience store in Liverpool is strategically located in a densely populated residential area and boasts of well-appointed premises. If you wish to become the owner of this flourishing convenience store for sale in Liverpool, then click on the link below.

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    5. Hair Salon For Sale

    Location: Liverpool, North West

    Category: Hairdressing

    Asking Price: £29,000

    Hairdressing is one of the most sought-after beauty treatments, which is also a necessity. Men and women across the world follow the latest fashion trends and celebrity hairstyles which keep the cash registers ringing in salons. The benefit of owning a salon is that you can offer a variety of beauty treatments related to skin, hair and nails and gain excellent margins on them. With one-stop services, you can turn the shop into a profit-earning enterprise.

    This hair salon in Liverpool is ideally located in a busy location with high density of family and student population. The long-established venture has a huge base of loyal customers and high recognition in the region. If you want to get into the beauty industry and own this hair salon for sale in Liverpool, then click on the following link to get started.

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    Become the master of your destiny with the acquisition of these businesses for sale in Liverpool which promise great returns. The city is brimming with more such opportunities which can be snapped up by aspiring entrepreneurs for a flourishing career.

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