5 Latest Businesses for sale in Cheshire 2017

When most of the new entrepreneurs think of starting a business, they think of developing new business strateg...

  • 5 Latest Businesses for sale in Cheshire 2017
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    5 Latest Businesses for sale in Cheshire 2017

    • Thursday 9th of November 2017
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    When most of the new entrepreneurs think of starting a business, they think of developing new business strategies, building new products and services from the scratch, blueprinting marketing campaigns and a lot more. But starting a completely new business from the ground up includes some major issues, including the complexity of reaching potential customers, marketing company’s profile, managing funds and hiring employees.

    Startup businesses usually face these kinds of problems and thus they fail within the 3 years of commencement. That’s the reason why most of the new-generation business owners in the United Kingdom are buying existing businesses to save themselves from start-up failures while ensuring greater success and prosperity.

    Taking over a well-established business is comparatively less risky than commencing a new one – especially if you don’t have previous track or performance record. When you buy a business, you take over its proven methodologies, business operations and marketing strategies that are already generating a good amount of revenue with excellent returns. Plus, you can leverage a huge customer base, market reputation to take it further to the higher level. In short, you need to grasp their success formula cleverly to fulfil your dreams and goals.

    So, if you are planning to buy a long-established and recession-proof business in the hot spot of North West England, then consider Cheshire County. There you can find multiple business opportunities at the most reasonable selling price.

    Here is the list of top 5 businesses for sale in Cheshire 2017:

    1. Café and Coffee Lounge

    Location: North West - Cheshire

    Category: Cafe and Coffee Shop

    Asking Price: £59,950

    Café and Coffee Shop Industry is growing rapidly in the UK. This is a very trendy, chic and recession-proof business, giving opportunities to novice entrepreneurs to get started with low overheads and high returns on investment.

    So, if you are planning on buying a profitable yet risk-free business, you should consider this café and coffee shop. It is located in the prime location of Cheshire with heavy foot traffic. Apart from the location, the building is leasehold with the advantage of 3 floors, fully-equipped kitchen, storage, car parking and spacious seating room– ideal for a fully-fledged coffee shop.

    Plus, the café is known for serving delicious food at the best price. You can also introduce some new recipes to attract targeted customers. This will also help you generate more income with a jaw-dropping turnover per annum.

    Key Highlights:

    • Low start-up cost
    • Guaranteed Income
    • Existing Customer Base
    • Beautifully structured building/premises, etc.

    For information on this Café and Coffee Lounge Business for Sale in Cheshire

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    2. Wool, Dress Fabrics and Curtain Fabrics Business

    Location: North West - Cheshire

    Category: Fashion

    Asking Price: 22,500

    This is a profit generating business, operating from the fully-equipped three-storey shop, located in the Cheshire, North West England. The business is offering a complete array of stock including Curtains and Dress Fabrics, Knitting Wools, Net Curtains and Accessories, Embroidery Wools, Haberdashery, and lot more.

    The business is currently serving both the private and public sector in schools, hospitals, hotels, etc across Cheshire. It means this would be a golden opportunity for you to buy this valuable business.

    You can further grow the business by adopting powerful marketing strategies – such as using digital platforms to promote and sell your products and services to the potential customers. This would also improve your existing customer base, which in turn, increases your turnover and profit revenue.

    Key Highlights:

    • Impressive client data base
    • Average turnover of around £50,000 per annum with huge profit margins
    • Secure renewable year lease being offered with the premises
    • Flexible working hours
    • Well-fitted and a valuable inventory of equipment will be included in the sale price and a lot more.

    For information on this Wool, Dress and Curtain Fabric Business for Sale in Cheshire

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    3. Toy Shop for Sale

    Location: North West - Cheshire -Wilmslow

    Category: Retail

    Asking Price: 49,950

    This is a pretty amazing and promising business that provides a variety of wooden and toddler toys, educational and games crafts at the most reasonable price. The retail shop is located on the first floor of the premises, situated in the prime location of Wilmslow, Cheshire, North West England.

    And the best part about this retail shop is that there is some spare space for kids crafting parties and holiday workshops. Isn’t it an amazing deal!

    Along with the sale of this business, you will get a complete stock of reputed brands including B Range, Playmobil, Le Toy Van, etc. Plus, it has ample parade premises to help you expand the business without any stress. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this amazing retail shop and start generating revenues.

    Key Highlights:

    • Long-established business
    • One-stop destination for children parties
    • Annual turnover of around £166000 profits
    • Ideal for women and family

    For information on this Toy Shop Business for Sale in Cheshire

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    4. Commercial & Domestic Removals

    Location: North West - Cheshire -North Wales/Cheshire border

    Category: Service

    Asking Price: £ 110,000

    Buy this 70-year-old and reputed commercial & domestic removals, storage and deliveries business with low overheads and high ROI. Since from their inception, the business has successfully established themselves as one of the most trusted removal companies across Cheshire, North West England.

    The company is currently offering a complete range of services, including:

    • Commercial Removals
    • Domestic Removals
    • Professional Packing
    • Storage and
    • Deliveries

    And the best part is that they have built up a loyal and huge client base including some reputed private and public sector businesses. This means you can enjoy existing and reputed client base without ever creating vigorous marketing strategies from scratch. This is one of the best business opportunities in Cheshire 2017.

    For more information on this Commercial And Domestic Removals Business for Sale in Cheshire

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    5. Domestic Cleaning Franchise

    Location: North West - Cheshire -Cheshire

    Category: Cleaning

    Asking Price: £ 65,000

    This is a reputed domestic cleaning business franchise that earns more than 95 % of sales turnover per annum. The business has built up extensive clientele base and unique market presence across the Cheshire.

    If you are interested in buying a cleaning franchise with low initial cost, then consider this. Since the demand for professional domestic cleaning is increasing, you can get started with this business to earn more revenues and profits.

    Key Highlights:

    • An amazing franchise model
    • Located in highly affluent area
    • Comprehensive Training will be provided
    • Integrated with CRM Software for better management
    • Guaranteed income from the day one, and a much more.

    For more information on this Domestic Cleaning Business for Sale in Cheshire

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