Top 8 Business Opportunities in Lancashire

Starting off a business from scratch not only requires a huge amount of capital but you should also have a uni...

  • Top 8 Business Opportunities in Lancashire
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    Top 8 Business Opportunities in Lancashire

    • Monday 9th of October 2017
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    Starting off a business from scratch not only requires a huge amount of capital but you should also have a unique business concept to achieve the targeted organisational goals. On the other hand, buying an existing business reduces uncertain risk factors while letting you create opportunities for improved conversions and higher profits. That is the reason why new-age entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom are purchasing promising and established businesses to get the best out of their capabilities.

    Buying an established business in the hot spot locations of the UK like Lancashire where you will get a plenty of opportunities to build and grow the bottom line for your business. Even, financing an existing business is easier than raising a fund for a start-up business.

    In a nutshell, there are oodles of opportunities if you buy a well-established business. Just make sure you have an in-depth research material as it can you choose the most suitable business in the best locations of UK.

    To make your work a bit easier, we bring you the list of 8 business opportunities in Lancashire that will help you take your entrepreneurial objectives to the new heights of success. Since the Lancashire is a hub for tourist attractions and heritage events, you will get amazing opportunities to explore different business options.

    1. Italian Restaurant and Function Room

    Location: North West – Lancashire

    Category: Food and Drink Restaurant

    Asking Price: 295,000

    If you are planning to buy an established restaurant in the high-demand areas of Lancashire, then this option is ideal for you. You can buy this highly-reputed Italian restaurant to fulfil your business goals while promoting the tempting Italian cuisines.

    This Italian restaurant + function room is nestled in a beautiful rural area of Blackrod, Bolton, Lancashire. You will get beautifully-structured premises along with traditional artwork adorning the walls of a restaurant.

    Plus, there is an attached function suite that can accommodate more than 100 people for celebrating different occasions such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc. There are a separate bar and toilets with high-end amenities.

    This is an amazing opportunity to buy this beautiful and profit-making business in the high-demand area of the UK.

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    2. Service & Repairs Garage

    Location: North West – Lancashire

    Category: Automotive

    Asking Price: £65,000

    The Service & Repairs Garage was first commenced in 1986. From that day, the business has built a unique brand image in the automotive sector across the UK. The business boasts a strong reputation and has served diverse client base across the Lancashire.

    If you want to invest your money in an existing business, then you can buy this business. The best part about this garage is that it is located in the middle of Blackpool (a coastal town in the country of Lancashire) which is a few minutes away from the promenade.

    Apart from the location, you will get a plenty of accommodations including the spacious workshop with concrete flooring, glazed roof lights, tool storage space, high apex ceiling, and fully-furnished administration office and modern-age washroom facilities.

    Plus, you will be provided in-depth training on how to repair a vehicle to let you get started without any hassle.

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    3. Clothing Store

    Location: North West – Lancashire- Lytham

    Category: Clothing shop, retail

    Asking Price: £99,995

    Since the inception back in 1990, the clothing store has been delivering stylish and chic clothing options to their potential customers. In the past 27 years, the company has built a unique branding by offering the best quality of clothes to a diverse range of their customers.

    If you are looking to buy a well-settled clothing store in Lytham, Lancashire, then you should grab this opportunity.

    This fully-furnished clothing store is located in Lytham, Lancashire – a great place where you can find world’s best bars, restaurants and retail shops. The location is perfect for this type of a business. You could take this business to the next level with tremendous turnover and revenues with the sale of designer clothes, shoes and accessories.

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    4. Hairdressing Salon

    Location: North West – Lancashire- Chorley

    Category: Beauty, spa, hairdressing

    Asking Price: £170,000

    A great business opportunity is knocking your door. Go and buy this promising hairdressing salon. The owners of this salon started this business in 1974 with the aim to introduce innovative and intriguing haircuts and hair designing styles.

    If you are passionate about hair styling and design, you should buy this business. The salon includes a nail station, 3 work stations, wash basis, 2 beautifully adorned beauty rooms, modern-age washrooms, well-equipped kitchen, store room, and a lot more.

    Since the business has a good reputation among clients, there is a golden chance to increase the turnover of the business in the coming future.

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    5. Pet Store

    Location: North West – Lancashire- Blackburn

    Category: Animals and Pets care

    Asking Price: 2,000,000

    Though it is one of the expensive businesses, it has a great potential to lead you towards unexpected growth and well-deserved turnover. This is a fully-equipped pet store, located in the residential town of Blackburn, Lancashire.

    This pet store has everything that can give your beloved pets a safe and friendly environment. If you own this business, you will be provided complete training for handling different pet animals along with pet supplies.

    This commercial space has a spacious retail unit, cash counter, various shelves, live animal sector, car parking facility and a lot more. If you are a pet lover and want to start up a business like this, then buy this amazing pet store.

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    6. Bakery

    Location: North West – Lancashire- preston

    Category: Bakery

    Asking Price: 250,000

    If you don’t have enough funds to start up a bakery shop, you can grab this excellent business opportunity. The owners of this bakery have built up the robust reputation in their time by offering delicious and luscious baked goods such as cakes, pies, pastries, freshly baked bread and sandwiches.

    The business is being sold with all the fittings and fixtures along with the fully-equipped kitchen, spacious sitting area, beautiful wall hangings, and a lot more.

    There is a great opportunity for you to further develop the business by introducing innovative business ideas and baking items.

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    7. Specialist Used Car Dealer with Workshop

    Location: North West – Lancashire

    Category: Automotive

    Asking Price: £ 375,000

    Nothing can be better than purchasing this high-demand business. The Used Car Dealer has built a strong reputation within the local community of Lancashire – thanks to their quality of cars, cost-efficient solutions and top-class after sales care services.

    Even, there is the prediction of earning a net profit of £ 80,000 if he/she maintains the quality of their work and existing brand image.

    Apart from this, the workshop can accommodate more than 30 cars at one time- which is good for boosting the overall revenues of the business.

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    8. Party Venue

    Location: North West – Lancashire - Bury

    Category: Function room

    Asking Price: £ 45,000

    If you want to invest in an existing business with a little capital, then this Party Venue is perfect for you. It is counted as one of the well-reputed businesses in the United Kingdom.

    This captivating party venue is located on the main road of Bury town, Lancashire, which is surrounded by residential properties and other attractions. It means you will get more people for celebrating their special moments.

    With the purchase of this business, you will get a great chance to generate a well-deserved turnover. You can take this business to the new level by delivering top-notch hospitality services.

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    These are eight well-established business opportunities that you can grab on to start up your journey as an entrepreneur.

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