10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In London For 2018

London, the leading global city which boasts of being the capital and most densely populated region of England...

  • 10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In London For 2018
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    10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In London For 2018

    • Wednesday 27th of June 2018
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    London, the leading global city which boasts of being the capital and most densely populated region of England and the United Kingdom, is one of the most popular places on earth. It has astounded millions of people through history due to its amazing mix of art, culture, royalty, food, architecture and more such wonders. Standing at a significant point in the world’s financial system, its expanse of wealth can be determined from its colossal skyscrapers, magnificent business districts, high-end real estate, and grand shopping centres. It is a prominent financial hub for international trade and deals in more US dollars than New York. Its GDP stands at an amazing £565 billion, which accounts for approximately 17% of UK’s total GDP. Shrouded by the political instability and the economic consequences of the Brexit, there were apprehensions among investors related to the commercial powerhouse. However, recent reports suggest that London is on top in global financial services moving ahead of New York and other Asian cities. This is an ideal time to embark on an entrepreneurial journey for investors willing to set up a company or buy an established business for sale in the United Kingdom.

    There are a plethora of opportunities in the dynamic city given its incredible infrastructure and commercial environment which bolsters the growth of trade. An entrepreneur can choose from a wide range of businesses including launching a technology start-up or purchasing a business for sale in London. The list of booming prospects is endless. To make things easier, here is the list of 10 most lucrative business opportunities in London for 2018.

    1. Cafe and Coffee Shops

    Though Brits are fond of their cup of tea, the coffee culture has bloomed into a full-fledged industry in the city. From selling Ethiopian coffee to customising coffee blends for customers, espresso bars are mushrooming in every nook and corner of London. Whether it is a meeting with friends or just plugging in the laptop to work, these cosy cafes are the ultimate relaxation retreats for the young and the old. You can easily own a popular cafe in a busy shopping area by purchasing a cafe or coffee shop business for sale in London.

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    2. Franchise ,

    Establishing a new enterprise is an uphill task that can take away your precious family time and life’s savings. In addition, it involves astounding amount of effort and labour. That is why buying an already existing business is a prudent decision. If you have the capital, it is wiser to go for a franchise as it comes with the benefits of widespread marketing, brand equity, loyal customer base, ongoing support and training and much more.

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    3. Fashion Boutiques

    Trendy apparels and accessories are the staple purchases of all fashion forward people. In fact, independent fashion houses are surging in the capital city which is famous for its Fashion Week all over the world. The millennials have a high purchasing power and are willing to spend money on the latest trends in the market and fashion circuits. From couture to street-style, a fashion enthusiast entrepreneur can dig up the global fads and leave the doors of the boutique open for the shopaholics to rummage through it. There is a growing shift towards the local labels than the big brands which are high-priced and out of reach for many people. Thus it is the ideal time to invest in a fashion boutique for sale in London.

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    4. Online Retail Business

    Despite the declining sales of the high-street brands, the online retail sector is growing exponentially. Grabbing customers through heavy discounts, easy return policy, and doorstep delivery, these small businesses are raking in all the money. Asos and Amazon are the big giants that do not have a physical presence but have managed to capture the attention of the shoppers who are now waiting for the discount days on these websites. You too can start your own online business or acquire an established online business for sale in London.

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    5. Cleaning Business

    If you are looking at a business vertical which holds a considerable size of the market share, you must turn towards the cleaning industry. It is a burgeoning sector which holds promise for entrepreneurs as London has superior access to stocks. Brexit has led to a reduction in rentals and increase in human capital which means that London is more than suitable for a cleaning business with its environmental law in place. Professional cleaning has become a sought-after service both in residences and commercial complexes because of the busy schedules of the young population and high foot-traffic in business-related spaces.

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    6. Business Consulting

    Every organisation is in need of an objective assistance to cope with the changing market influences. Business consultants help companies realise their true potential and grow further to achieve operational efficiency and optimum performance. They help to identify the problem areas and find the best solutions to deal with the challenges. They train the employees and equip them with the required skill-sets to perform their best.

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    7. Food Business

    Whether the inflation is rising or recession is gripping the world in its tentacles, food business never goes out of fashion. The hectic and all-consuming lifestyle of the urban population has given rise to dining out and socialising in eateries and bars. The changing sleep pattern has also increased the food intake with most Brits squeezing in another meal before hitting the bed late at night or after coming back from the bar. Late night cafes and delis are going to be in-demand this year to satisfy the hunger pangs of the night owls. In addition, the foodies seem to have an inclination towards exotic street food and the fitness freaks are turning towards healthy eating. Both the domains are set to gain this year with their respective fan following. So whether you want to get into the health food business or the fast food chain, you must purchase an existing food business for sale in London to reduce the upfront costs.

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    8. Building and Construction

    Commercial and residential properties are prone to wear and tear and need regular maintenance. From roofing and flooring to commercial painting and window installation, the industry has wide sources of revenue generation and is in high demand all through the year. If the idea of building offices and homes or renovating them is something that excites you, then it is time to take the plunge. Follow the link below to purchase a building and construction business for sale in London and become a part of this growing industry.

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    9. Beauty

    Londoners love to splurge on beauty treatments to pamper and rejuvenate their skin and bodies. This is the reason why spas and massage therapies are gaining a lot of momentum in the beauty segment. Encompassing hair, skin, nails, body and soul, the spas are catering to a host of clients willing to look younger and more beautiful. Natural and herbal treatments are the most popular services and have gained widespread recognition for their incredible results. If you have an inclination towards beauty and healing, you can buy a beauty business for sale in London.

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    10. Real Estate

    Real estate is always in-demand and the brokers and agents top the list of those looking for residential and commercial properties at affordable rates. This industry pays well through commissions earned from successful deals and offering consultations to clients on pricing their properties and waiting for the right time to sell or purchase. If buying and selling real estate is your calling, then you must start your agency or acquire an established real estate business for sale in London.

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    For a secure future, it is mandatory to research the industry and market trends thoroughly before jumping into a specific business domain. Also, pick a profession that is not only successful in the current year but will continue to grow over the years. Thus whether you are launching your own enterprise or purchasing a business for sale in the United Kingdom, you must prepare yourself for the big change.

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