7 Latest Business Opportunities In Lancashire For 2019

The county of Lancashire is a historical place which was one of the major commercial centres during the industrial revolution. It has been actively...

  • 7 Latest Business Opportunities In Lancashire For 2019
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    7 Latest Business Opportunities In Lancashire For 2019

    • Wednesday 3rd of April 2019
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    The county of Lancashire is a historical place which was one of the major commercial centres during the industrial revolution. It has been actively involved in trading for the longest time and regions like Liverpool and Manchester have grown to become its most popular and largest cities. It was primarily known for its cotton mills which were spread across the county and the overflow of tourists visiting Blackpool for a holiday. Over the years Lancashire has maintained its tag of being a commercial hub and is home to many corporations including the defence industry and a nuclear power plant.

    The Ribble Valley is a beautiful hinterland in the county which allows you to go beyond the concrete and enjoy the surroundings. The region has been developing and undergoing economic regeneration. The Lancashire City Deal has been put forth to initiate growth and transform the area while creating more jobs and projects. The population in the region is also growing at a fast pace.

    From 2001 to 2017 Lancashire experienced an increase of 5.2% in the number of inhabitants. Investments worth millions of pounds are taking place in the county which will take the local economy to the next level in the coming years. Consequently, many entrepreneurs are now interested in acquiring the latest businesses opportunities in the United Kingdom which will help them leverage the boom in Lancashire. Let us list down a few promising categories which can prove beneficial for investors as well as budding entrepreneurs.

    1. Cleaning Business For Sale

    Cleaning has emerged as a lucrative business in the past few years as every structure whether commercial or residential needs regular cleaning. The diversity of buildings and industries has further broadened the sector and created niche business lines like medical facility cleaning, hospitality-based cleaning, retail store cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning, end of lease cleaning, and much more. The British Cleaning Council reported in 2017 that the cleaning industry contributes more than £24 billion to the UK economy.

    In 2015, there were close to 875,000 cleaning businesses operating in the country and employed over $3.5 million people. The industry soared after the vacancy rates fell in the commercial buildings and more residential projects came into the picture. Also, the rising income of households and businesses is allowing the hiring of cleaners in Lancashire. The sector is primed for future growth as young professionals have lesser time to clean their houses and the need for a spick-and-span office ambience is gaining significance. If you want to make the most of this boom, then grab one of the exciting opportunities available on the link below.


    2. Franchise For Sale

    The franchising industry has maintained its stronghold over the years despite the threats of Brexit and rising inflation looming large. In 2018, there were an estimated 50,000 franchise businesses operating in the country and contributing £17 billion to the economy. According to one of the surveys, approximately 97% of these franchises are profitable and the industry has been growing with a significant percentage increase year on year.

    The low-risk business model has very low chances of failure which lures many entrepreneurs to take it up as a profession. Acquiring an established or new franchise allows the buyer to reap the benefits of comprehensive training and ongoing support. If you have been planning to own a popular franchise outlet in Lancashire, then click on the link below to find the best opportunities.


    3. Printing Business For Sale

    While the world is grappling with the onslaught of the digital medium which has overshadowed printed material, UK is going strong in this sector. Notwithstanding the competition put forth by the digital medium, the UK printing sector is the world’s fifth biggest producer of printed materials. The turnover of the industry is £13.8 billion and there are approximately 8400 businesses operating in the sector.

    The sales have been increasing steadily over the years which have made it a stable career choice for many. Also, technological advancements have improved efficiency and output for small printing businesses in Lancashire which have been facing every economic adversity with resilience. If you wish to become a part of this robust industry, please take a look at the options available on the link given below.


    4. Hire And Rental Business For Sale

    The hire and rental industry has been gaining momentum over the past few years in the United Kingdom. Whether it is equipment leasing or vehicle leasing, these niche businesses have made a place of their own in the market. Coach and mini bus rentals have become all the more pronounced with the pouring in of tourists in huge numbers every year as well as businesses needing to transport teams and associates within the county of Lancashire.

    The fleets of such rental businesses have expanded due to the rise in demand coming from the small and medium-sized organisations. With massive investments flowing into the sector from various quarters, the hire and rental businesses are turning into rewarding ventures. If you feel that this domain excites you, then take the plunge by exploring the options available on the link below.


    5. Automotive Business For Sale

    The automotive industry in the United Kingdom is a thriving sector which manufactures some of the premium and high-end cars in the world. It has been witnessing a turnover in excess of £82 billion and accounts for 12% of the exported goods. More than 160 countries import UK-built vehicles and over 856,000 people are working in the automotive sector in the country.

    The list of such figures is endless and displays the prosperity of this sector which boasts of over 60 specialised car manufacturers, 2500 suppliers, 9 engine manufacturers, and 20 R&D centres. It is a booming sector with a lot of long-term opportunities that promise an excellent return on investment. If you are passionate about automobiles and want to be surrounded by them all day long, then click on the link below to find an automotive business for sale in Lancashire.



    The prospect of being your own boss draws many towards entrepreneurship. However, most are sceptical about building a company from the ground up. Thus purchasing a business for sale in the United Kingdom becomes the most feasible and viable option to kick-start a new inning. You too can tread on this path by acquiring any of these top businesses.

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