5 Profitable Businesses for Sale in Lancashire

Starting a new business can be overwhelming due to the complexities and challenges involved in arranging funds...

  • 5 Profitable Businesses for Sale in Lancashire
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    5 Profitable Businesses for Sale in Lancashire

    Starting a new business can be overwhelming due to the complexities and challenges involved in arranging funds and operating business processes from scratch. Of course, everyone wants to be their own boss and enjoy higher revenues and market reputation, but for that, they need a huge amount of capital and skilled human resources.

    If you don’t have both, your startup will suffer.

    To avoid the hassles of starting a new firm, you can opt for a well-established business or franchise that has robust brand awareness, existing customer, and growth opportunity.

    In today’s scenario, new-age entrepreneurs are driving more towards buying existing businesses because it guarantee success and higher returns with low operational costs. It saves you from all the hassles involves in starting a new business – from finding potential investors to looking for office space, recruiting employees to operate different business procedures. That’s the reason why people are more into buying existing firms.

    If you also want to write your success story without risking your capital, then buy your choice of business in Lancashire, North West England. The County has emerged as one of the major commercial and industrial hubs in the UK. There you can search potential and profitable businesses for sale to let you kick-start your journey as a business owner with the lowest startup cost.

    Here are the 5 most profitable businesses for sale in Lancashire, North West England.

    1. Cleaning Business for Sale in Preston

    Location: North West - Lancashire -Preston

    Category: Cleaning

    Asking Price: £ 950

    Owing a cleaning business is one of the best ways to generate higher income with low startup costs. In the United Kingdom, people usually hire professional cleaners for their home and office spaces for thorough cleaning. So, this can be a great business for novice entrepreneurs.

    You can also be a part of this successful industry by buying a well-established cleaning business in Preston. The business offers a range of cleaning solutions to both commercial and residential sectors.

    It is a very profitable business, located in the prime location of Preston, Lancashire, North West England. You could earn a huge amount of income in a short time span if you have the best management skills.

    They also have a website to boost their online visibility, which in turn, helps them in strengthening their customer base and sales. For higher online traffic, make sure you create a local Google Pay Per Click campaign. This will help you engage more organic web traffic towards your site, which will convert your leads into sales.

    The best part is that no experience is needed as you can hire a team of cleaners and pay per hour according to your needs. If you have an apt knowledge about cleaning business, then this could be a golden opportunity for you.

    For more information on this cleaning business for sale in Preston, Lancashire https://www.business2sell.co.uk/businesses-details/cleaning-business-for-sale-in-preston.php

    To view more Cleaning businesses for sale in Lancashire https://www.business2sell.co.uk/businesses/north_west/lancashire/cat-cleaning/

    2. Light Commercial Plumbing & Heating Engineering Business

    Location: North West - Lancashire -Lancashire/Grt Manchester

    Category: Manufacturing Light

    Asking Price: £ 49,000

    Do you want to start up your own light manufacturing business but don’t have enough financial resources? Let’s have a look at this well-vested manufacturing business that was set up 14 years back with the aim of providing a range of top-quality services to the domestic and light commercial sectors in Lancashire.

    This is a core domestic/light commercial plumbing and heating engineering business that holds a great experience in providing a comprehensive range of plumbing and heating services to their diverse clientele base, including private companies, insurance companies, construction agencies and private individuals.

    The business has also worked on some of the reputed construction projects including restaurants, hotels and other private companies. Plus, it has strong brand awareness locally and nationally and has a loyal customer base – thanks to their high-quality customer service.

    If you want to run a plumbing and heating business, then buy this business now. There you can enjoy high-profit margins at low startup costs. Plus, you will get well-trained staff to help you get started with your entrepreneurship with ease.

    For more information on this Commercial Plumbing and Heating Business for Sale in Lancashire https://www.business2sell.co.uk/businesses-details/domesticlight-commercial-plumbing-heating-engineering-businessb.php

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    3. Local Appliance Rental Franchise

    Location: North West - Lancashire -Leeds

    Category: Franchise

    Asking Price: £ 145,000

    This is a 2-year old franchise business with an existing gross rental book of £135,000 for selling purposes. Local Appliance Rental (LAR) is a great franchise model that provides a range of highly-advanced appliances, such as TV, furniture and other electronics at the most flexible rental rates.

    Located in the top location of Lancashire, this franchise model has an established customer base and can help you generate higher income from the day one. There you will get on-going administrative support, training and a proven business model to let you get started without any hassles. You can even expand this business by owning multiple territories once proving your great entrepreneurial skills.

    So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this globally recognised franchise network that has over 150 franchises across the globe. You can buy one of their well-established franchise models in Leeds, Lancashire to boost your family’s living standard.

    For more information on this Local Appliance Rental Franchise for Sale in Lancashire https://www.business2sell.co.uk/businesses-details/established-local-appliance-rental-franchise-resale-opportunity-56567.php

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    4. Specialist Used Car Dealer with Workshop

    Location: North West - Lancashire

    Category: Automotive

    Asking Price: £ 350,000

    For the last 28 years, this freehold business has been serving a diverse customer base, both regionally and nationally. The company has established a strong reputation in the existing market and is popular among those who need used cars or repairing services at the most affordable prices.

    The business is known for offering Car Sales, Servicing and Repairs, Automotive parts and MOT (rent out to a third party). In the past few years, the business has become a reputed dealer within the locality that offers excellent customer support and after sales care services at the most competitive prices.

    This business has a huge potential for growth in the coming future. There is also a workshop that can be used for car servicing and repair activities. In short, this is one of the rarest business opportunities for those who don’t have funds to start their own car detailing business.

    For more information on this Used Car Dealing Business for Sale in Lancashire https://www.business2sell.co.uk/businesses-details/specialist-used-car-dealer-with-workshop-freehold.php

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    5. Coach & Mini Bus Hire Company

    Location: North West - Lancashire -Lancashire

    Category: Hire and Rent

    Asking Price: 300,000

    Nothing can be better than this business opportunity where you will get a chance to become an owner of a firm that has been providing highly-advanced coaches and mini buses to the local community of Lancashire.

    There is a huge turnover with high-profit margins and growth potential. The company currently has two 35 seater coaches and 5 mini buses for both 14 and 17 seater vehicles. Plus, the business has been enjoying several long-term contracts with schools, colleges and local councils, which will be beneficial to a new owner.

    The company also provides its services to the private market and also does subcontract work for leading coaching companies. If you want to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey without risking your resources, then this is the best option for you.

    For more information on this Coach & Mini Business Hire Company for Sale in Lancashire https://www.business2sell.co.uk/businesses-details/coach-and-mini-bus-hire-company.php

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