Are You a True Leader or Just a Boss?

You own a business and happily call yourself the big boss, but are you really the person who is considered a leader by your team members? The truth...

  • Are You a True Leader or Just a Boss?
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    Are You a True Leader or Just a Boss?

    You own a business and happily call yourself the big boss, but are you really the person who is considered a leader by your team members? The truth can be earth-shattering, yet it is not uncommon. There are dozens of people who have made the lives of their subordinates miserable. It is easy to fall into this category by simply playing the role of an apathetic dictator in the organisation and not indulging in the development of your team.

    It is often said that a true leader is born and cannot be created. However, this is far from the truth. Anyone can become a leader with the right approach towards shaping the careers of people and turning them into critical players who are capable of leading their teams.

    So whether you are an established entrepreneur or an aspiring buyer looking for a business for sale in the United Kingdom, you must know how to lead your employees. It is one quality that will take your organisation from being an ordinary set-up to a cohesive and synchronised coalition which has the power to face all kinds of challenges. So let us dissect the thin line of difference between being a leader and a boss.


    You might think that there is no difference between a boss and a leader, but you need to think again. Here is why they are poles apart.

    Dominion Vs Manoeuvring

    It is saddening to see that many entrepreneurs consider themselves to be the be-all and end-all of their organisations. They visualise themselves as great conquerors and the business as their empire and create regulations and strict guidelines for each operation.

    On the other hand, leaders are more concerned about the end results and do not create obstacles in the path of workers by controlling them. They provide a free hand while guiding them with wisdom and advice. They mentor their teams and persuade them to perform to their best potential.

    Trickle Down Approach Vs Two-Way Communication

    Most business owners are in awe of their achievements and are proud of their extensive professional success. Naturally, they do not want advice from their juniors and believe that they are still naive and incapable of taking big decisions. So the flow of communication is always from top to bottom with commands being followed mechanically.

    On the contrary, a leader is willing to involve his team in all his decisions and uses their inputs to finetune the strategies. Leaders are open to new ideas and learning every day and understand the importance of effective internal communication to grow the organisation.

    Finding Faults Vs Skill Development

    Not all employees are equal in terms of calibre and experience within an organisation. A boss will usually pinpoint the mistakes committed by workers and humiliate or criticise them or punish them. Whereas, when it comes to leaders, they understand the weaknesses and strengths of their employees and try to build on them.

    They encourage them by working on their abilities and talents and providing them with the required training and support to bloom into skilled professionals. In fact, the lack of training can have serious consequences such as business failure.

    Self-Centred Vs Team Worker

    A boss is always thinking about his image and his power in the system rather than becoming a team player. He only directs people and demands results while a leader becomes a part of the system. He joins forces with his workers and creates partnerships to inspire and empower others. He doesn’t put the onus on others but takes all the responsibility of any failed projects.


    If you think you are not doing justice to your role of being a leader in your organisation, then you need to take a step forward. It is time to relinquish your ego and delegate authority to combine forces and become a powerful organisation. Here is what you need to do.

    Build Your Team Through Personal Development

    A company is made by the people working in it. If the employees are not happy, the business will not flourish as they will not be productive and will not put their best foot forward. Thus to make the teams feel like a part of the organisation, you need to know each one of them. Understand their aspirations and dreams and set personal goals for them that are in line with the business objectives.

    Provide The Required Resources

    A common bottleneck in business organisations is the lack of resources including talent, equipment, stock, supplies, etc. To ensure smooth functioning of all the processes, you need to equip your employees with all the desired materials and expertise to perform efficiently. At times, your organisation might be facing challenges and you will have to pull up your socks and save your struggling business with your leadership qualities.

    Make Yourself Approachable

    Most of the entrepreneurs create an aura of authority and dominance which makes the employees apprehensive. As a result, they hesitate to approach the management for anything or fear of being ridiculed. Thus you need to become more friendly, empathetic and accessible to win their confidence and promote a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.

    Keep Tracking Their Performance

    Besides boosting the morale and guiding them through challenging projects, a leader must keep a tab on the performance of individuals. The achievements must be appreciated and rewarded while the failures must be dealt with constructive criticism. An ongoing dialogue on the efficiency of the teams is vital to keep the momentum going.

    Motivate Them With Stimulating Work

    To hone the skills of the workers, you must keep challenging them with exciting new projects that are demanding and need perseverance and determination. Such tasks are excellent tools for measuring performance and keeping the staff motivated and on their toes.

    Coach Your Team

    When your team members come to you with a problem, don’t ask questions. Instead, inspire your employees to find the solutions and lead by example. Boost their confidence and show them the right way without spoon-feeding them. Positive feedback can work wonders in enthusing people with grit and zeal to get the job done.


    In a nutshell, a true leader needs to invest time and effort in developing his team. Also, you need to understand the difference between the management styles of a leader and a boss. So if you are planning to purchase a business for sale in the United Kingdom, then becoming a good leader is the key to success.

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