5 Reasons to Buy an Established Business or a Franchise for sale

When you decide to commence your own business, you have several options to opt for. You can raise funds to sta...

  • 5 Reasons to Buy an Established Business or a Franchise for sale
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    5 Reasons to Buy an Established Business or a Franchise for sale

    • Tuesday 24th of October 2017
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    When you decide to commence your own business, you have several options to opt for. You can raise funds to start your own business from scratch, you can buy an established business, or you can buy a franchise.

    But, when it comes to low overheads with least inherent risk, then buying a running business or a franchise is one of the ideal options for budding entrepreneurs. When you buy an existing business or a franchise, you will get a developed way of operating complex business operations. You don’t need to worry about finding investors and raising funds. A proven franchise system can provide you on-going support, training, and guidance to let you get started with low start-up cost.

    Buying a franchise or an established business can be a feasible alternative to starting a business from scratch. Below are the five key reasons that will help you take the right decision with ease.

    Let’s have a look at the following key reasons and grow your business with low initial cost and higher ROI:

    1. Slashes the risk factor

    Nothing can be more depressing than starting a business with a risk of higher failure rate. It is one of the most common reasons why people opt for buying an existing one, particularly in the UK.

    Most of the startups in the UK fail within the first two to three years of operation – this happens due to the lack of expertise or support. In fact, over the last few years, the total number of newly launched firms declined significantly – all because of higher risk factors and startup failure.

    If you don’t want to take any risk, consider either buying an established firm or a franchise of your choice with least capital and higher ROI. These options give you an opportunity to earn from the day one, without bearing any risk.

    A reliable franchisor can help you setup your business effectively and efficiently. They provide a proven system, on-going support and brand stability to help you reach your targeted business goals with the least risk factor.

    You just make sure you choose a business that has sorted financial records with higher brand recognition, a reliable customer base, an established inventory and top-notch equipment.

    If you want to purchase an established business or franchise in the top location of UK, you can visit Business2Sell website. There you can find well-established businesses for sale in Liverpool that you can choose depending on your specific needs, interest and estimated budget.

    2. Automatic access to strategic operations and systems

    Gaining an automatic access to strategic business operations is one of the major reasons why entrepreneurs are choosing a franchise option. That means you don’t need to spend hours in creating business strategies from scratch. If you want to become your own boss without spending a huge amount of capital, then buying a franchise would be an ideal option.

    Instead of starting a new business, you can invest in buying a franchise of your chose from a reputed franchisor. A well-drafted operation strategy will help you determine the growth of your business while keeping a close eye on the compatibility between the business strategy and operation resources.

    Since you are buying a franchise, you can leverage well-driven strategic operations, marketing strategies and on-going support system that will help you take your business to the new heights of success.

    3. Well-recognised brand

    When you buy an established business or a franchise, you will get an opportunity to become a part of a recognised brand. You can boast a proven track record with copyright, trademarks and a trusted customer base.

    This gives potential customers, investors, and suppliers a sense of confidence when they interact with your business. Plus, brand awareness helps you grow faster without the involvement of financial and operational risk.

    When you decide to start your own business with a recognised brand, you will be able to build your own reputation in the existing market without making much effort. You can work on your innovative approach for the growth of your business instead of spending bucks in starting up a new one.

    4. Guaranteed Income

    Buying an established business or a franchise increases the chances of generating higher income from the first day of operation. On the other hand, when you start up your business, you will need to wait some months to generate a stable income.

    During this period, you may need to pay for the equipment installation, initial stock, fixtures and fittings, legal fees and so on. This stage can be challenging and make it impossible to generate higher income for startup businesses.

    That is the reason why buying an existing business has more benefits over starting your own. It not only saves your initial cost but also give you a platform to earn more without any compromise.

    5. Quick business expansion

    Most of the budding entrepreneurs and small business owners buy an existing firm or a franchise because they can be expanded instantly. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a bulk. All you need is robust managerial skills, innovative approach, and proven ideas to work as a successful franchise owner/businessman.

    Apart from this, joining a reputed franchise system saves your time and lets you focus on robust marketing strategies and campaigns to reach your customer based with ease. These strategies will help you promote your brand and grow it in a short time span.

    Since the business already has a strong foundation, you can concentrate on building your firm. As you build an extensive customer base, you will get an opportunity to increase your profitability rate quickly and easily.


    In a nutshell, we can say, starting a new business involved a much more risk than buying an existing one. Franchising is also a great option to get started without high initial cost. It will give you the flexibility to make your own decisions, become your own boss, generate higher income from the day one, and leverage strong customer base and proven marketing campaigns for the betterment of your future.