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Online Education Software As A Service SaaS Platform including Web Application & Native iOS & Android Applications

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Online Education Software As A Service (SaaS) Platform (including Web Application & Native iOS & Android Applications)

Location Liverpool,United Kingdom
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About the Company

Unisocs started out as an idea when a university student was struggling to keep on top of his study. He needed something to keep himself motivated. He needed targets to aim for, and to see a visual representation of his progress.

So, Unisocs was born. After performing some market research to students at The University of Liverpool, he found that he wasn’t alone.

Unisocs won a national competition run by leading e-learning technologies experts Jisc ( Jisc jumped on the idea and provided additional funding of £35000 to launch Unisocs.

Unisocs has received massive coverage across all major universities in the UK. Unisocs was invited to the Digital Festival held at the Birmingham in 2014, where they met with hundreds of prospective purchases of the software from colleges and universities in the UK. Unisocs also held a talk at the event to roughly 200 decision-makers from universities, with very positive feedback.

Unisocs has also been showcased at AppsWorld UK, Imperial College London, Birmingham University & University of Liverpool.

The Unisocs software is built as a web application, with two native mobile phone applications for iOS and Android, both of which are live on their respective app stores.

The web application can be accessed by visiting and registering for an account.

Once registered, a user can list all of their modules that they re working on (e.g. Biology 101, Evolution... etc) and input the recommended amount of study hours the user should perform in their own time. The recommended amount is a required value across all universities, which all students are given.

Once that s done, they simply track whenever they have performed any study, either by using the web application, or through the mobile app.

Students can see visually how their study is progressing, with helpful graphs to guide them. The software is also gamified, meaning students receive accolades for achieving certain set goals, motivating them to keep studying. The gamified side of it could be used in the future to partner with businesses and offer discounts and freebies when students achieve their goals.

Additionally, students can also input their tutor s email address into the system. Their tutor will then receive a weekly breakdown of the student s progress. This option is only available to those colleges and universities who have purchased a licence from Unisocs. The cost of a licence is around £10000 per annum per university to receive tutor feedback (which is a simple click of a button to enable for any university).

A full overview of what the software can do is available on the website:

Important: Unisocs is a tracking software at the core of it. It can be used for any sector, not just studying. It wouldn t require much work to rebrand the software as a fitness app, for instance, to allow users to track their workouts. Any sector which could benefit from tracking data, Unisocs can work with.

Other Information

  • Employees: No employees, just one sole director (myself, Joseph Chamberlain).
  • Relocatable:Relocatable
  • Real Estate:No location - fully online business.
  • Competition:Little to no competition - this sector is lacking in technologies to aid students, but universities and colleges are more than willing to invest in breakthrough technologies such as Unisocs in order to improve student wellbeing and grades.
  • Expansion:Massive expansion potential: As the software is built and ready, very little work is needed in order to get things moving. After discussing the matter of cost for a licence to enable Tutor feedback, universities all agreed upon an average of £10000 per annum per university. Colleges would be slightly less, as they don t have as many students or access to university-level funding. In addition, as the software is gamified, it gives potential for external companies to come on board. Offers, discounts, giveaways and freebies could all be provided to students once they hit their study goals. What s more, Unisocs is currently 100% free to all students, but could easily be monetised through charging signup fees.
  • Support Training:I am happy to provide full support and training for the website and all of it s areas. It s super-simple to use. The software itself is hosted by Glow New Media, a web development company based in Liverpool. They manage all of the technical side of things, such as security, maintenance etc for a fee of £110 per quarter. Altogether, the cost of simply maintaining the entire business is roughly £40 per month.
  • Reason Selling:Became involved with a second business during launch. The second business became my full time job and I have no time to put towards Unisocs.
OwnerSellers Limited
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