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Fishing Reel manufacturing production line for sale

Location : London

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Asking Price : £ 30,000

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Business description

Fishing Reel manufacturing production line for sale
Ref. BFS1618
Location England,United Kingdom
Asking Price £30,000
Premises Relocatable

About the Company

Attention all precision mechanical engineering managers. If you are looking for additional products to make, I have for sale my complete production-line for the manufacture of precision centre-pin reels, together with scuba diving equipment. These were designed, developed, and made by me in my former engineering business. This product-line would be ideally suited to a conventional engineering machine shop, with a small amount of spare space. Having been in business for over 25 years, I closed my factory so that I could retire, and I am now wanting to dispose of the tooling and production drawings for the manufacture of some 25 centre-pin fishing reels, together with 5 scuba diving products. My asking price is £30,000, which includes well over £10,000 of piece-part stock, thus enabling a rapid restart of production. Potential buyers for these product lines are likely to be either an engineering company that wants to add this as a bolt-on range to their existing production facility, or a distributor who has overseas manufacturing contacts that can produce the reels on their behalf. The tooling, which includes progression press tools, press tools, jigs, drill jigs, and fixtures, originally costing more than £60,000, thus making this package a bargain. Floor space required for this additional facility will be approximately 500-600 square feet, assuming conventional lathes, mills, small hydraulic presses, and drilling machines are already available.

The range of fishing reels includes the following:   

  • Leeds 4.00”,4.75",5.5"reel        
  • Leeds Classic 4.00”,4.75",5.5" reel. 
  • .Swift 4.00” reel. limited edition 
  • Magnum Blue 4.25” reel. (limited edition)
  • Magnum Black 4.25” reel. (limited edition)
  • Matchman 4.25” reel. (limited edition)
  • Castaway Classic 4.625” side caster
  • Quest 4.25” side caster.
  • Lewtuf 5.0” sea reel (tufnol & brass)
  • Lewtuf 6.0” sea reel (tufnol & brass)
  • Lewtuf 7.0” sea reel (tufnol & brass)
  • Lewtuf 8.0” sea reel (tufnol & brass)
  • Lewtuf 10.0” sea reel (tufnol & brass)
  • Lewtuf 12.0” sea reel (tufnol & brass)
  • Lewpoly 5.0” sea reel (polymer & brass)
  • Lewpoly 6.0” sea reel (polymer & brass)
  • Lewpoly 7.0” sea reel (polymer & brass)
  • Lewpoly 8.0” sea reel (polymer & brass)
  • Scarborough 6.0” sea reel (wood/brass)
  • Scarborough 8.0” sea reel (wood/brass)
  • Scarborough 10.0” sea reel (wood/brass)

Prototype reels that have not been put into production are as follows:

  • The specimen 4.25” Camo reel.
  • The Flick-ham 3.5” Camo reel.
  • The ratchet and check 4.25” wide spool fly reel.

I have various additional design ideas that can be incorporated in above three reels to enhance their sale-ability. Foremost of these is a surface pattern of recesses in order to reduce weight without the loss of structural strength. This is a feature many modern fly fishermen are demanding.

Potential buyers will be please to discover that all the tooling has been specifically designed for both the production and assembly of the reels, hence reducing the manufacturing cycle, and therefore reducing basic production costs

The tooling (which consists of gravity die casting moulds, punch tools, progression punch tools, form tools, drilling jigs, together with other jigs and fixtures, are all relatively compact and easily transported. A number of parts are common across similar reels, thus reducing the levels of stock, and making it easier to transfer to a new facility.

Not only are the piece parts tooled-up, but there are engineering drawings for all items, thus making it easy to document a history of modifications and improvements over time which will assist with any future developments. It also facilitates the use of outside contractors for any items that cannot be made in house. Over the years I utilized outside contractors for work I was unable to carryout myself. These included: power-press operators, automatic turned parts in large batch quantities, anodizers, “E” coaters, aluminium/brass founders, springs, chemical milling, and CNC machining.

Over the years, samples of my reels have been submitted to magazine editors for inclusion in comparison trials with other manufacturers, so as to give the fishermen an overall appreciation of the quality of the individual reels. I am proud to say that, my reels have achieved either first or second place in these trials. In fact in February 20**** **** , two of my reels were submitted to the Coarse Fisherman magazine for a comparison trial against six other major manufacturers, and achieved first and second place with the Magnum Blue and the Leeds Classic respectively.

In addition to the fishing reels, there are four reels and a slash knife that have been designed and developed for the scuba diving industry and are included in this sale. These are: the Di-Tuf S.M.B. reel, the Di-poly S.M.B. reel, the Light-line wrecking reel, the Shot-line/Anchor reel, and the moli-filament fishing net slash knife. These five items are safety products that are essential for every dive. 

Other Information

  • Years established: 1992
  • Reason Selling:Retirement
OwnerSellers Limited
  • Company Details : OwnerSellers Limited
  • Phone : Click here for phone number
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